My Gardner's Worker Hurt Himself in My Front Yard; Will He Sue Me for Workers' Compensation?

Posted on 2/25/2013 by Bridgeford Admin in SCV Magazine workers' compensation benefits

It depends, of course. The most important consideration may be whether the worker’s boss has a contractor’s license and, of course, whether he has Workers Compensation insurance.

If not, that may render you liable as a “special employer” for the Workers Compensation injury – for both weekly benefits and expensive medical care.  If this happens, you’d better hope that your homeowner’s insurance has a clause covering this risk.

The example used above is a fairly common occurrence.  However, there are situations that are even more common, such as when homeowners go to their local building supply emporium and pick up not just building materials but also several “day laborers” to do the actual work.  In this situation, the homeowner knowingly makes him or herself liable for any injuries suffered by these people while working on the property of the homeowner.  Don’t think that because they are undocumented that this constitutes a defense – it doesn’t.  A similar situation is often presented with maids or nannies.  If they don’t have insurance, you’d better.

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